Antiepidemic Activity

The basic directions of activity

1. Sanitary protection of the Russian Federation territory and improvement of its normative methodical providing

Intensification of international relations, increased migratory activity of the population, strengthening of a role of the Asian-Pacific Ocean Region (APOR) countries having a high epidemic potential in world economy create real prerequisites for distribution of dangerous infectious diseases. An opportunity of serious epidemic complications with subsequent significant economic damage determines an urgency and priority of sanitary protection of the country territory. In this connection we permanently monitor the epidemiological conditions on dangerous infectious diseases which distribution can lead to occurrence of extreme situations in foreign, particularly adjacent countries and take measures to increase readiness of Public Health Services for carrying out anti-epidemic actions against importation of these dangerous agents. 

Together with other concerned Establishments our Institute participates in preparation of the documents directed on improvement of sanitary protection of the Russian Federation territory and in epidemiological surveillance for plague and other especially dangerous infections and promotes the correspondence of National normative legal acts with the International Medical Sanitary Rules (2005).

2. Improvement of epidemiological surveillance for especially dangerous infectious diseases

The Institute carries out a monitoring of epidemic manifestations of especially dangerous and other natural focal bacterial and virus infections in the Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts. We participate in complex researches to establish the mechanisms of outbreak and sporadic incidence of especially dangerous diseases, the reasons of these distribution and also endemicity and natural focality. Means and methods of specific and nonspecific prophylaxis of especially dangerous infectious diseases are developed. Tactics of preventive and anti-epidemic actions at occurrence of extreme situations is improved.

3. Perfection of methods of biological safety and counteraction to bioterrorism

The Institute activity on biological safety and counteraction to bioterrorism, liquidation of terrorism consequences is carried out according to the Law of the Russian Federation «About counteraction to bioterrorism» № 35-FZ from 06.03.2008.

Data on the amount of incidents suspicious to biological terrorism cases registered in Siberia and on the Far East since 2001 are collected. The manual for students of Medical High Schools «Counteraction to Bioterrorism and Biological Safety» is published, in which the basic data on the organization and conducting the anti-epidemic actions in case of application of pathogenic microorganisms and their toxins for the population morbid affection at peace time, and also on liquidation of accident consequences at biologically dangerous objects are submitted.

New diagnostic preparations for plague agent indication by immunocatalytic analysis are developed. Searching and studying of bactericidal and sporicidal properties of new complex disinfectant preparations on a basis of polyhexaguanidines are performing against especially dangerous infectious agents.

4. Improvement of work of the specialized anti-epidemic formations (SAEF)

In accordance with decisions on the control of infectious diseases, accepted on Summit «Group of Eights» in Saint-Petersburg in July 15-17, 2006, two specialized anti-epidemic brigades are functioning in the Institute to carry out complex anti-epidemic and sanitary hygienic actions in liquidation of consequences of extreme natural and man-caused situations at the Russian Federation territory and in Central and South Eastern Asian countries. Modern sanitary anti-epidemic formations supplied with the up-to-date equipment and provided with highly skilled specialists for the emergency response are created on its basis.

The Institute renders the advisory methodical and practical assistance to Antiplague Stations (Altay, Tuva, Chita, Khabarovsk, Primorye) and to Establishments of Public Health Services at 27 administrative territories of Siberia and Far East in realization of epidemiological surveillance in Siberian natural plague foci, measures against cholera and also anti-epidemic and preventive actions against bacterial zoonoses (brucellosis, tularemia, anthrax, leptospirosis, yersiniosis) and virus (rabies, tick-borne encephalitis, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome and others) infections.

The Institute functions as the Regional Center on monitoring of infectious agents of I-II pathogenicity groups and the Indication Center of causative agents and diagnostics of dangerous infectious diseases at the Siberian Federal Districts. The Branch of Genic Diagnostics Center of especially dangerous infectious diseases also functions in the Institute.

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