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Basic Directions of the Institute Research Activity

1. Epidemiological surveillance of especially dangerous infectious diseases

  • Detection of the mechanisms causing outbreaks and sporadic cases of especially dangerous diseases, the reasons of importation and distribution of especially dangerous infections, and also its endemicity and natural focality. Forecasting and modelling of epidemic and epizootic manifestations of especially dangerous and other socially significant infectious diseases;
  • Improvement of forms and methods of interdepartmental scientific, methodical providing, dataware and vocational training on the problems of sanitary and epidemiologic protection of territories;
  • Improvement of strategy and tactics of a specific prophylaxis and liquidation of epidemic manifestations of the most dangerous and socially significant infectious diseases. Improvement of the preventive and anti-epidemic actions at extreme situations.

2. Diagnostics, prophylaxis, treatment of especially dangerous infectious diseases

  • Development of vaccines for preventive maintenance of especially dangerous infections on the basis of modern genetic, immunologic and biotechnologic achievements;
  • Development and improvement of production technologies of medical immunobiological preparations for prophylaxis and diagnostics. Biomedical aspects of especially dangerous and other infectious disease studying

3. Biomedical aspects of especially dangerous and other infectious disease studying

  • Immunopathogenesis of especially dangerous and other infectious diseases;
  • Microbiology of especially dangerous and other infectious agents, molecular bases of their pathogenicity and immunogenicity.

4. Cholera and others human pathogenic vibrios

  • Vibrio ecology, cholera epidemiology and surveillance;
  • Microbiological, molecular biological and genetic characteristics of Vibrio cholerae;
  • Molecular genetic bases of pathogenesis and immunogenesis of cholera and other diseases caused by pathogenic vibrios;
  • Development of modern medical immunobiological preparations and methods for diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis of cholera and other diseases caused by pathogenic vibrios and other intestinal agents.

5. Biological safety and counteraction to bioterrorism

  • Improvement of safety in operation with microorganisms of I-IV pathogenicity groups;
  • Development and improvement of biopathogen indication methods and means and express laboratory diagnostics of infections caused by these agents;
  • Development of theoretical bases of biological safety;
  • Database formation and improvement of the biological agent characteristics, including molecular biological and epidemiological typing of strains - potential agents of bioterrorism;
  • Development of the specialists’ training programs for operating in the infection foci and liquidation of consequences of bioagent application in the terrorist purposes.

Research works are carried out taking into account the priority directions on improvement of epidemiological surveillance system against plague, cholera and others especially dangerous and natural focal bacterial and virus infections and human anti-epidemic protection from importation and distribution of dangerous diseases in Siberia and the Far East within the framework of the International Summit decisions of the countries "Group of Eight" in the field of infection control and realization of Federal and Departmental target programs.

Research work on the branch instructions of Public Health Ministry

Epidemiological surveillance for especially dangerous infectious diseases

  • Investigation of structurally functional aspects of epizootic process in the Siberian natural plague foci (2006-2010);
  • Scientific organizational bases of surveillance improvement for virus human infections in Siberia (2005-2009);
  • Molecular epidemiology of yersiniosis in Siberia and Far East (2006-2009);
  • Epidemiological and epizootic aspects of leptospirosis in Eastern Siberia (2006-2010);
  • Studying of taiga tick intraspecific variability in Pribaikalie and improvement of control methods against ticks (2008-2011);
  • Improvement of plague epidemiological surveillance on the basis of its epidemiological, epizootic specific pattern evaluation in Asian natural foci (2006-2010);
  • Improvement of operative reaction system for prevention and liquidations of medical sanitary consequences of extreme situations according to decisions of "Group of Eight", accepted in 2006 (2008-2012).

Diagnostics, prophylaxis and treatment of dangerous diseases

  • Development and improvement of laboratory methods for detection of latent brucellosis foci (2006-2010).

Biomedical aspects of especially dangerous and other infection studying

  • Genomic certification of Yersinia pestis strains from various natural plague foci (2005-2008);
  • Studying of phagocytosis bactericidal mechanisms and morphological functional alterations of immunocompetent blood cells and experimental animal organs in infections caused by Francisella tularensis of different subspecies (2006-2009);
  • Studying of protective properties of immunogenic complex on the basis of Bacillus anthracis surface structures with immunomodulatos (2008-2012);
  • Influence of Francisella tularensis lipopolysaccharides of different subspecies on a functional state of immunocompetent cells (2008-2012).

Cholera and other human pathogenic vibrios

  • Estimation of a cholera situation in Siberia and on the Far East by ecological monitoring of data and results of molecular biological investigations of circulating Vibrio cholerae (2006-2010);
  • Studying and estimation of cholera epidemiological surveillance efficiency for improvement of anti-cholera measures (2007-2010)

Biological safety and counteraction to bioterrorism

  • Studying of bactericidal and sporicidal effects of polyhexaguanidine disinfectants for plague, cholera, tularemia, brucellosis and anthrax causative agents (2008-2010).

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