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Scientific Anti-epidemic Divisions

Zooparasitological Department

Head of the Department – Popkov Arkady Fedorovich, Candidate of.Biological Sciences

Tel.: (3952) 22-01-37;

Fax: (3952) 22-01-40;


The basic directions of scientific researches:

  • Studying of natural plague focality on the basis of development population-ecological and environment-genetic conceptions concerning motive factors of epizootic process;
  • Development of ideas of intraspecific differentiation of various level structures in main plague carriers and vectors by analysis of their ecological features and phenetic parameters. Revealing of these characteristics connections with the epizootic course features;
  • Improvement of forecast methods and regulation of the rodent numbers and its ectoparasites;
  • Studying of Ixodes tick number dynamics peculiarities at various landscape biocenotic areas of Pribaikalye. Improvement of forecast methods for tick-borne encephalitis epidemiological conditions and the taiga tick (Ixodes persulcatus) control.
  • Species composition studying of epidemic significant synanthropic insects and its number alterations.

Practical opportunities:

  • Carrying out of municipal and field deratization and desinsection on a contractual basis;
  • Rendering of advisory methodical assistance on plague epizootology problems, organization and carrying out deratization and desinsection measures.


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