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Scientific Anti-epidemic Divisions

Laboratory of Natural Focal Viruses Infections

Head - Andaev Evgeny Ivanovich, Candidate of Medical Sciences

Tel: (3952) 22-01-39;

Fax: (3952) 22-01-40;


The basic directions of scientific researches:

  • Studying of human and animal pathogenic viruses circulating in nature in vertebrates and arthropods (arboviruses, including tick-borne encephalitis virus, rabies virus, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome virus, morbilliviruses);
  • Serological monitoring of arboviruses circulating at Eastern Siberia territory;
  • Studying of anthropogenous transformation effect on natural foci of virus infections at Baikal Region;
  • Maintenance, replenishment and studying of viruses, pathogenic for humans and animals.

Practical opportunities:

  • Indication of the causative agent and laboratory diagnostics of especially dangerous virus infections in relation with problems of sanitary protection of territories;
  • Field investigations to detect natural focal virus infections at Siberia and Far East;
  • Rendering the advisory and practical assistance to Public Health Services in organization and carrying out virological and serological investigations for decoding of infectious disease etiology;
  • Training of specialists (doctors and biologists) on laboratory diagnostics of virus infections;
  • Rendering the advisory methodical assistance to Public Health Services on the problems of natural focal virus infections, sanitary protection of territories, biological safety of working with viruses of II-IV pathogenicity groups.

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