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Scientific Anti-epidemic Divisions

Department of Epidemiology

acting Head of the Department: Kosilko Sergey Aleksandrovich, Candidate of Medical Sciences

Tel.: (3952) 22-01-43;

Fax: (3952) 22-01-40;


The basic directions of scientific researches:

  • Development of anti-epidemic, preventive measures in natural and anthropurgic foci of plague, pseudotuberculosis, intestinal yersiniosis, leptospirosis;
  • Development of normative legal base for anti-epidemic safety realization to population of the country and improvement of actions on sanitary protection of territories from importation and distribution of especially dangerous conventional infectious diseases;
  • Studying of epidemiology and epizootology of especially dangerous  zoonotic and natural focal infectious diseases in Siberia and on the Far East;
  • Molecular genetic typing of causative agents of the dangerous infectious diseases.

Practical opportunities:

  • Localization and liquidation of epidemics of especially dangerous infections (plague, cholera) in Siberia and on the Far East;
  • Decoding of epidemic outbreaks of unclear etiology;
  • Laboratory diagnostics of pseudotuberculosis, intestinal yersiniosis, leptospirosis including conventional and molecular genetic methods;
  • Identification of the causative agent cultures with detection of bio-, sero-, genotypes and pathogenic properties;
  • Training of doctors-epidemiologists, microbiologists, infectiologists on epidemiology, diagnostics, prophylaxis of especially dangerous diseases .


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