Dear Colleagues!

The Organizing Committee invites you to take part in the International Scientific Practical Conference «Modern Aspects of Epidemiological Surveillance and Prevention of Especially Dangerous and Natural Focal Infections», which take place in Irkutsk September 22-24, 2009.


  • Federal Service on Supervision in the Sphere of Consumers’ Rights Protection and Human Welfare
  • Administration and Authorities of Irkutsk Region
  • FSIHP «Irkutsk Research Antiplague Institute of Siberia and Far East»
  • Administration of Federal Service on Supervision in the Sphere of Consumers’ Rights Protection and Human Welfare in Irkutsk Region
  • FSIHP «Centre of Hygiene and Epidemiology at Irkutsk Region»
  • National Organization of Desinfectionists


Main problems suggested to the Conference

  1. Epidemiological situation on especially dangerous and natural focal infections in Siberia and Far East.
  2. Modern aspects of natural focality of infectious diseases.
  3. Actual problems of epidemiology and epizootology of especially dangerous zoonoses.
  4. Modern trends of diagnostics of dangerous infectious diseases.
  5. Specific and non-specific prevention of dangerous infectious diseases.


Regulations for formatting and presentation of materials for publication in the Collected Book

  1. Theses must contain: background, brief description of methods and means, results.
  2. Theses must be transmitted to the Organizing Committee by
    E-mail: adm@chumin.irkutsk.ruor by post on diskette till May 15, 2009 written in English and, if possible, in Russian, in format MS Word 2003 marked «Theses to the Conference». The file name must contain the surname of the first author and his Country. The publication must not oversized 2 pages, print Times New Roman N 12, all borders – 2 cm, line spacing -1,5. Simultaneously, one printed copy with signatures of all authors must be sent by post to: Irkutsk Research Antiplague Institute. 78 Trilisser str, Irkutsk, 664047.
  3. Surname and initials of authors, title of the theses, Institution name, City, Country are indicated to the following:
E.I. Il’ina, A.P. Plotnikova
State Scientific Centre of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Obolensk, Russia

Anthrax diagnostics is realized ……..


  1. Tables and formulas are not accepted
  2. The author can present no more 2 publications.

Theses of the reports will be accepted till May 15, 2009.

Preliminary registration of participants – till August 1, 2009.

The Conference programme, information concerning hotel accommodation, organizational issues will be presented in the Second notification.

If you are going to take part in the Conference, please, fill the enclosed REGISTRATION CARD and send by Fax: (3952) 22-01-40 or E-mail:

When we receive your materials, the Organizing Committee shall confirm it to you by E-mail.
Any questions you may address to the Organizing Committee:
Irkutsk Research Antiplague Institute. 78 Trilisser str, Irkutsk, 664047.
Tel.: (3952) 22-13-12, (2952) 22-01-35  –  Innokenteva T.I. or Trukhina A.G.
Fax: (3952) 22-01-40


Executive secretary of the Conference – Trukhina Anna Gavrilovna tel.: (3952)22-13-12

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