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Research-and-Production Department

Head - Atlas Alexander Gilelevich

Tel.: (3952) 22-01-34;

Fax: (3952) 22-01-40;





The basic directions of scientific researches:

  • Development and improvement of existing preparations for diagnostics of especially dangerous and other infectious disease agents;
  • Development of nutrient media for microorganism isolation and cultuvation.

Practical opportunities:

  • Serial production of medical immunobiological preparations for diagnostics and prophylaxis of especially dangerous infections;
  • Production and realization of native nutrient mediums (liquid and solid) for bacteriological examinations;
  • Cool dehumidification of various bacterial and virus preparations and cultures;
  • Sterilization, including sterilizing filtration, of various biological objects;
  • Realization of normal equine and cattle serum;
  • Realization of listeriosis serum;
  • Realization of sheep erythrocytes.

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