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Research-and-Production Divisions

Department of Biological and Technological Control

The Head: Gefan Natalia Gennadievna, Candidate of Medical Sciences

Tel.: (3952) 22-01-34,

Fax: (3952) 22-01-40,


The basic directions of scientific work:

  • Providing of the technological process control of medical immunobiological preparations (МIBP) at each production phase and quality of integrated products (diagnostic Vibrio cholerae О1, Оgawa, Inaba sera, Francisella tularensis serum for RA, nutrient media for isolation, cultivation and identification of Yersinia pestis, Vibrio cholerae, Francisella tularensis, bacterial color tularemia and brucellosis diagnosticums for RА and МRА);

  • Development of proposals to the monitoring system improvement for МIBP production;

  • Development of evaluation methods of diagnostic МIBP quality for especially dangerous and other infections;

  • Studying of stability and definition of keeping time for new МIBP developed by the Institute’s research workers.

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